LG. Philips 100-inch LCD

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100 inch LCD
Yes, ladies and gents, size does matter.

Here is the bling king of LCD – the 100″ display with 5 ms refresh and 3000:1 contrast ratio. Plasma, look out baby.

Though this is a prototype, it shows it can and will be done. The question is how soon, and for how much.

I, for one, can’t wait……

Source – Engadget

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New DX7 LCD HDTVs from JVC

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JVC lt-32dx7
Here is JVC’s new 32 inch LT-32DX7 model LCD HDTV.

This unit ihas dual HDMI inputs, and is capable of 720p and 1080i sources. She comes complete with digital tuner.

Currently available in the UK, I’m looking forward to some serious reviews.

via Engadget

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HP Digital Entertainment Center z556

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hp media center z556
PC mag took HP’s Z556 home theater PC for spin, and they really liked the results.

Their “bottom line”:
The HP Digital Entertainment Center z556 is cheaper than its predecessor, the z555 and includes Windows Media Center Update Rollout 2, which improves the Media Center experience. The system remains the standard for home-theater-friendly Media Center PCs.


This unit has one HD and 2 SD tv tuners. That’s the only problem I really see – no PVR functions for HD with only one tuner. If that’s not a major issue for you, this $1500 unit may be for you.

HP Digital Entertainment Center z556 – Full review

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Panasonic AE900U Projector Deal

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Panasonic PT-AE900U LCD Projector
Henning over at HDBlog found a great deal on the Panny PT-AE900U projector through Visual Apex.

You get the projector with a 2-year warranty, plus a bonus blockbuster rental card for $1548 after rebate. This projector normally runs around 2 grand, so that is a steal.

Check it out – Audioholics

Source – HDBlog.net

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Toshiba HD-A1 HD DVD Player – Pre-Order Now

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Toshiba HD-A1 HD DVD player
Pre-order is now available for the next generation of DVD players – the HD DVD player from Toshiba.

Several online merchants are currently taking pre-orders at $500.


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DISH Network to Expand HD Channels

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DISH NetworkDISH network is to add several more HD channels to their lineup, bringing the total to 25 HD channels. Expect to see 5 more VOOM HD channels, ESPN2 HD, Universal HD as well as adding local major network affiliates (CBS, NBC, FOX, etc.) in many markets.

The addition is scheduled for February 1st.

Their current HD lineup consists of the following channels:
Discovery HD
HD Net
HD Net Movies
HD Pay-Per-View
Showtime HD
Animania HD
Equator HD
Film Fest HD
Rush HD
Gallery HD
Ultra HD
HD News
Kung Fu HD
Monsters HD
Rave HD

The new additions will include:
Universal HD
HD Locals
Family Room HD
Gameplay HD
Treasure HD
World Cinema HD
WorldSport HD
and Major Network Affiliates where available.

That’s the best HD lineup I’ve seen yet, I may just have to drop my cable provider.

Vist Dish Network to find out more.



HP md5880n 1080p HDTV Review

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HP md5880n 1080p HDTVHere is HP’s latest offering in the 58″ DLP rear projection category.

It uses the new “wobulation” technology, that I’m personally not quite sold on yet. It uses half of the pixels normally required to produce a 1080p image. With a mirror, the DLP chip reflects light to each half of the pixels in each frame, every 1/120th of a second. Sort of a “wobble” back and forth. It does have a better resolution than 1080i, and has less screen door effect, but I’m not sure it would stand up against true, native 1080p.

However, this unit looks to truly be a contender in its size and prize ranges:

Detailed, natural-looking image
Satisfying contrast and black level
Specified to accept direct 1080p input (not tested)

None of the pre-programmed color temperatures (Cool, Neutral, and Warm) are close to accurate
Rare, but occasional, color wheel rainbows
Slight pincushioning and vertical stretch

I am immensely impressed with this model from HP. This is a great debut for a company previously known mainly for its computer products; HP hit the target from almost every direction. I could live happily with this set—if not ever after, at least until the next big jump in video display devices, whatever and whenever that may be.

Ultimate AV: HP md5880n 1080p HDTV

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Sony STRDA 7100ES 7.1 Home Theater Receiver Review

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Sony STRDA 7100es Receiver
Ecoustics ran this Sony 7100ES through its paces, and found it a bit lacking in the setup department, as well as being light on the audio side.

But still, it seems a decent entry in the sub 2 grand category.

“The Sony STRDA7100ES has, at its core, all the right moves: seven channels of raw power, all of the latest surround sound decoding options and HDMI capability wrapped in a shiny silver casing worthy of boutique style electronics. Add to that equation its sub-two-thousand-dollar price tag and you’ve got a receiver with a lot going for it. But in all the areas it succeeds, it falters where others have shone.

Its sound with both music and movies comes off a little lifeless and unsure of itself and its own up-conversion claims come with a barrage of fine print. Top it all off with a user interface that is anything but user-friendly and a remote that simply isn’t worth the plastic it’s made of and you’ve got a receiver that comes up short. I am confident that the architecture of this receiver is a solid foundation for success and would consider reviewing a future revision of this product as the art of digital amps gets more advanced and HDMI switching becomes more developed.”

Sony STRDA7100ES 7.1 Home Theater Receiver Review – eCoustics.com

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Vizio P42 HDe Plasma Screen Review

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Vizio P42 HDe
Budget plasmas from Vizio have become rather popular lately, with decent to good performance for the money.

You can spend a bit more and get more features coupled with a better quality image, but this is a great way to get into plasma now.

“At just under $2,000, the Vizio P42 HDe is the least expensive 42-inch high-definition-ready plasma on the market today. It’s the perfect size for most living room situations and, with its above average brightness and viewing angle, you’re sure to get a picture the whole family can enjoy. The P42 has a wonderful way with high-definition sources and DVDs, but it trudges along when having to deal with standard-definition broadcasts. Obviously, you can spend more and get more in terms of image quality and size and you owe it to yourself to shop around to decide which screen is right for you. If you’re looking to get into the plasma arena without breaking the bank, the Vizio P42 is a very viable way to go.”

Vizio P42 HDe Plasma Screen Review

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Yamaha YSP-800 Digital Sound Projector Review

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yamaha ysp-800 review Here’s a quick and dirty look at Yamaha’s digital sound projection, in the new model YSP-800. This system uses one main speaker unit, which houses 21 microdrivers. The delays are timed on these drivers to trick your brain into hearing positional audio. Cool stuff.

A couple of problems exist with this model, but they aren’t necessarily deal-breakers.

1) You’ll need a subwoofer. But that’s ok, because with any decent sound system, you’re going to need a subwoofer. Just factor in the additional cost.

2) The room needs to be relatively symmetrical. This can be a problem, and could lead to sound quality tradeoff.

The good: Self-powered single-speaker virtual surround system; 2 4-inch woofers paired with 21 1.5-inch microdrivers; built-in Dolby/DTS surround processing and digital power amplifiers eliminate the need for an A/V receiver; autosetup capability.

The bad: Works best in barely furnished, symmetrically arranged rooms; needs to be paired with a subwoofer for optimal sound quality.

The bottom line: Yamaha’s second-generation single-speaker YSP-800 Digital Sound Projector is more affordable and easier to set up, and it sounds better than last year’s model.

If you don’t have a receiver, and have a symmetrical room, this could be a great choice for around 600-700 bucks.

Cnet Review

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